Do Not Show Inactive Trainings on Learner Home

Prior to this enhancement, when inactive training were displayed on the Learner Home training side panel, it would occupy the critical space that should have been reserved for active training.

With this enhancement, the Learner Home training side panel will hide all the inactive trainings and display only the relevant, actionable trainings to the learners. The inactive trainings that will be hidden are as follows:

  • Standalone inactive training
  • Inactive training inside curricula
  • Inactive training inside Cohorts
  • Inactive certifications
  • Inactive trainings in a ‘Not Activated’ or ’Pending Prior Training’ status, including all other statuses​

The inactive trainings will not be displayed in any of the training side panel sections:

  • Past Due
  • Due Soon
  • Assigned/No Due Date

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • The administrators will no longer receive inquiries on why inactive trainings are displayed on Learner Home.
  • The end users can quickly act on trainings that require their attention without inactive trainings cluttering the user interface.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Learning module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Learner Home Grants access to the Learner Home and the Learning Search page. This is an end user permission. This permission cannot be constrained. Learning