Reporting 2.0 - Disable Auto-Refresh for Viewer Page

Prior to this enhancement, the Run When Opened option in Report Properties would automatically execute the report upon opening it in the report viewer. Similarly, enabling Auto-Refresh on Open in Report Viewer Properties would automatically refresh the report viewer page upon opening. This behavior led to many reports being auto-refreshed.

With this release, both the Run When Opened and Auto-Refresh on Open options are removed. Now, the report will refresh only when the user clicks the refresh button on the report viewer page.

To access the report viewer page, go to Reports > REPORTING 2.0. Then, click the name of a report to open the report viewer.

The following image show the location from where the Run When Opened option is removed.

The following image show the location from where the Auto-Refresh on Open option is removed.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This enhancement will improve the user experience by preventing reports from being auto-refreshed without user interaction, giving users more control and reducing unintended refreshes.


Click here to access the Reporting 2.0 Feature Focus playlist.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations the Reporting 2.0 module.


For more information about Reporting 2.0 permissions, see the following:

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