Align Your Goals From the Cornerstone CSX App

Goal alignment ensures that all employees in a team, division, or organization are working towards common goals. With the March ’24 Release, goal alignment is possible using the Cornerstone CSX app. This improves the alignment of goals by ensuring that users can easily connect their goals to parent goals that they directly support.

This enhancement includes the following features:

  • Align a goal with a parent goal
  • Allow managers to create aligned goals for team members
  • View goal hierarchy
  • Contribute towards parent goal progress

This functionality is not available during UAT.

Create Goal - Align

When creating a goal, an Align option is now available. This option provides users with a streamlined process to align their goals with parent goals. Managers can create aligned goals for team members.

When aligning a goal, users can view detailed information about a parent goal within the Goal Details by selecting the goal in the goal list.

After selecting a parent goal, an Alignment Confirmation screen prompts the user to confirm and save the alignment.

Users can select the Goal Overwrite option during goal alignment. When the user selects this option, the child goal settings can be overridden or adjusted after alignment with the parent goal, ensuring flexibility in goal management.

Goal Details - View Alignment

The goal hierarchy is displayed when viewing the Goal Details for an aligned goal.

Edit Goal - Edit or Remove Alignment

When editing a goal, users can edit or remove the alignment.


This functionality is automatically enabled in app versions after the March '24 Release. If the apps on a user's device are configured to auto-update, no action is required from the user to receive this functionality. If the apps on a user's device are not configured to auto-update, the user must download the latest version of the app from either the Apple Store or the Google Play store.

Cornerstone CSX App enhancements are available with a delay after the release. Depending on your time zone, enhancements may be available in app stores on March 25 (based on US time zones).

This functionality is not available during UAT.