Cornerstone Learning Experience supports integrating with content providers, Learning Management Systems or any external system by fetching the metadata from the source system.

Content integrations with EdCast comprise of the following 3 aspects:

  • Content and Course Modeling - Creating a SmartCard for a course on LXP.

    Course modeling is the process of creating a SmartCard for a course on LXP.

  • Content and Course Data Synchronization Courses, and Completions.

  • SSO Integration - SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect.

After fetching the metadata of the content, the content is replicated in EdCast in the form of a SmartCard. The SmartCard maintains a reference to the actual content in the form of a deep link URL. Once the SmartCard is created in EdCast, it can be searched, assigned, added to pathways, journeys, channels - i.e. all the standard EdCast functionalities which are available for manually created SmartCards are also available for SmartCards created via integrations.

Only the metadata is shared with EdCast via integration. The content resides in the source system. A link is provided in EdCast to navigate the user to the source system where the content is then consumed.

During this navigation, SSO (via SAML2.0) is supported by EdCast for authentication.

The source system can share the completion records (after the content has been consumed) back with EdCast and the same can be reflected on EdCast.

The below approaches can be employed to import the content metadata and completion events with EdCast.

Manual CSV upload

The catalog metadata is provided in a CSV format & is manually uploaded to the EdCast system. This approach is ideal for cases where the catalog is updated less frequently. This approach is the fastest way to import the catalog & requires minimal effort and upkeep.

Automated CSV upload via SFTP for Content and Completions

The catalog metadata / completions data is provided in a CSV format on a SFTP location & is automatically uploaded to the EdCast system on a schedule. This approach is ideal for cases where the catalog is updated more frequently. The SFTP can be provided either by EdCast / Vendor / Customer.

EdCast APIs

EdCast LMS APIs can be consumed to push catalog & completions data to EdCast. EdCast also supports importing Completions events via xAPI.

Standard Connectors for Content & Completions Import

EdCast provides standard connectors for importing content metadata and completions.


EdCast also supports importing user data from HRMS systems through Integrations. Once the user data has been imported into EdCast, users can be searched, assigned content, added to groups and so on i.e. all standard EdCast functionalities which are available for manually created users are also available for users imported via Integrations.

In addition to the basic 5 fields - First Name, Last Name, Email ID , External ID and status (active / inactive / suspended) , custom fields (upto max 20), the user's learning goals and the immediate manager can be also be imported.

This flow of user data is one way - i.e. only from source system to EdCast.

Here are the different forms of Integrations that EdCast supports: