Assessments Home

On the Assessments Home page, administrators can view and manage their organization's assessments. Administrators can also begin creating a new assessment from this page.

To access the Assessments Home page, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management and click the Learning Assessments BETA link.

The following features and fields are available on the Assessments Home page:

  • Search - To search for a specific assessment, enter a search term into the Search bar. The page results will update as you type.
  • Create Assessment - Click the Create Assessment to begin creating a new assessment.
  • Assessments Table - The Assessments Table displays the assessments which have been created in your portal
    • Title - This field displays the title of the assessment.
    • Version - The Version column indicates the current status of each assessment. If the assessment is in a Draft status, the Version column displays the assessment's version as Draft. If the assessment has been published, the Version column displays the assessment's current version number.
    • # of Questions - This field displays the number of questions contained within the assessment.
    • Last Updated Date - This field displays the date on which the assessment was last modified by an administrator.
    • Last Updated By - This fields displays the name of the last user who updated the assessment.
    • Created Date - This field displays the date on which the assessment was originally created, along with the name of the assessment creator.
    • Created By - This field displays the name of the user who created the assessment.
    • Options - Click the ... button for an assessment to access additional options for managing the assessment. The following options may be available:
      • Edit Assessment - Click this option to modify the assessment.
      • Create Version - Click this option to create a new version of the assessment. See Learning Assessments - Create Version.
      • Preview Assessment - Click this option to preview the assessment from the end user perspective.
      • Delete - Click this option to delete the assessment.

Assessment Versions

If the assessment's current version number is higher than 1.0, the assessment's previous versions can be viewed by clicking the drop-down arrow to the left of the assessment's title. Expanding the assessment line item causes all previous versions to display, nested under the current version. For example, if the assessment's current version is 3.0, expanding the assessment will cause version 1.0, version 2.0, and the assessment's Draft version to display, nested under version 3.0.

  • Administrators can edit the current version and the draft version of an assessment by clicking the Edit link to the right of the assessment version.
  • Administrators can view the details of previous assessment versions by clicking the View link to the right of the assessment version. Previous versions are View-only and cannot be edited. Previous versions are grayed out on the page.