Performance Review To create a performance review, start by creating performance review sections, which are the various pages that populate a performance review, such as a goal ratings page, a development plan page, and a sign-off page. Once sections are created, you create a Performance Review Task which is the framework of the performance review where you define due dates, rating scales, participants in the review, and add the appropriate sections. Administrators with the appropriate permissions can create and edit performance review tasks and sections. Once a performance review is configured, it can be launched to make it available to assigned end-users.

Process to Create a Performance Review   Additional Information   Additional Training and Troubleshooting Resources
  1. Create Performance Review Sections
  2. Create Performance Review Tasks
  3. Launch the Performance Review
  • Performance Reviews Feature Focus Playlist - View videos to create a standard review, create sections for a review, and successfully manage your performance review tasks. You can also sign up for Learn It Live training sessions. Note: You must log in to the Success Center to access Playlists.
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