Onboarding is used to provide new employees a positive start with a personalized, modern onboarding process that equips new hires with the right resources and helps them quickly acclimate. In Online Help, find configuration resources on preboarding and how to create onboarding workflows, as well as a detailed look at the features and options on the onboarding dashboard. You can also find everything you need to know to start the onboarding process for your new and transitioning hires.

Build Your Onboarding Workflow   Additional Information   Training and Troubleshooting Resources
  1. Preboarding OU Configurations
  2. Build Onboarding Forms
  3. Create Onboarding Workflows
  4. Create Navigation Tabs and Links
  • Onboarding Feature Focus Playlist - Onboarding within the Recruiting Suite allows you to get new employees up to speed in their new roles. In this playlist, you will find curated content for Onboarding. Note: You must log in to the Success Center to access Playlists.
  • Knowledge Base - Review Onboarding quick help and troubleshooting articles.