Certifications enable organizations to create and manage internal and external certifications. Depending on the industry, applicable terms might also include compliance, designations, licenses, permits, and accreditations. The unique aspect of certifications, which is not accounted for in curricula, is that once the certification becomes valid based on a series of training items, renewal requirements may be necessary to maintain it.

Process to Create a Certification   Additional Information   Training and Troubleshooting Resources

To create a certification, click the Create New Certification link on the Manage Certifications page and proceed through these steps:

  1. Step 1 - General
  2. Step 2 - Framework
  3. Step 3 - Scheduling
  4. Step 4 - Emails
  5. Step 5 - Confirm
  • Certifications Feature Focus Playlist - View videos to create and manage certifications. You can also sign up for Learn It Live training sessions. Note: You must log in to the Success Center to access Playlists.
  • Knowledge Base - Review certifications quick help and troubleshooting articles.