Approval Workflows apply to users requesting learning objects (LO) and/or to users requesting completion status of learning objects. The Approval hierarchy and workflow is predefined in the system. You control how the hierarchy and workflow is applied by the number of approvals set in the user record, whether you have managers, approvers, cost center approvers or some combination, and whether your learning objects are set up as pre-approved or not. An approval workflow can also be defined for LO types and individual LOs.

Approval workflows are also configured for other areas of the system, such as job requisitions and offer letters in Recruiting and forms that are used in Onboarding.

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  • If the Required Training Approvals field on the user record is set to zero, then no training approvals are ever required for the user, regardless of any training approvals that are set anywhere in the system.
  • If an LO is set as pre-approved, it will bypass all steps in the approval workflow.
  • If the LO requires approval and the number of Required Training Approvals in the user record is 1, then the first approver who exists in the workflow will get the approval request. If the approver defers the request, then the next approver in the workflow will get the approval request.