Workflow Engine - Manage Workflow Library

Use the Workflow Library page to search, view, create, activate/inactivate, edit, copy, and archive workflows.

Note: Workflows are the processes used to deliver forms. Forms are created in Form Management. See Manage Forms.

To access the Workflow Library, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Workflow Management > Workflow Library.

Search for Workflows

Use the following fields to search for specific workflows:

  • Statuses - Filter workflows by Draft, Active, Inactive, or Archived.
  • Sort by - Sort workflows by Updated (Newest), Updated (Oldest), Created (Newest), Created (Oldest)
  • Name - Search for workflows by name.

Create Workflow

Click the Create Workflow button to create new workflows. See Workflow Engine - Create Workflow Process.

Workflow Library Table

The Workflow Library table contains the following information:

  • Active - Activate or inactivate published workflows. This option does not apply to workflows in Saved as Draft status.
  • Name - Name of the workflow.
  • Description - Description of the workflow.
  • Updated - The date and user who updated this workflow. Also includes the current status of the workflow. Workflow status options are Saved as Draft, Published, or Stuck.
  • Created - When the user created this workflow.


Select View to open a read-only version of the workflow details, including the Flowchart, Table view, Settings, Activities, and Triggers for the selected workflow.

Workflow Options

The following options appear on the Workflow Library page for each workflow:

  • Edit - Change Saved as Draft workflows.
  • Copy - Copy an existing workflow.
  • Archive - Archive a workflow. Applies to Saved as Draft workflow or Published workflow in inactive status.

Note: If you leave a workflow before it is published, it is automatically saved as draft to the Workflow Library.