Workflow Engine - Manage Workflow Execution

Use the Workflow Executions page to track the execution of workflows in a portal. You can activate or inactivate an execution, view a list of users enrolled in the workflow, export the workflow records to a spreadsheet, terminate a workflow, and reassign an activity for a user.

To access the Workflow Executions page, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Workflow Management > Workflow Execution.

Search for Workflows

Use the following fields to search for specific workflows:

  • Sort by - Sort workflows by Updated (Newest), Updated (Oldest), Created (Newest), Created (Oldest)
  • Targeted User - Search by the name of the user who is the subject of the workflow, even if they are not assigned any activities.

Workflow Executions Table

The Workflow Executions table contains the following information:

  • Active - Shows if the workflow is active or inactive.
  • Workflow Name - The name of the workflow.
  • Description - The description of the workflow.
  • Enrollments - The number of enrollees in a workflow.
  • Published - The workflow publish date and who published.
  • Updated - The date the workflow was updated an who updated.


Click View to open a workflow record page that displays the user's name, enrollment date, enrollment duration, and user status for users enrolled in the workflow.

Click View on the workflow record page to open the selected user's Workflow Instance page. For the selected user you can view each activity in the workflow, who is assigned to the activity, completion dates, duration, and status of each activity. You can also terminate or reassign an activity for a user.


Click Export to download the workflow records for all workflows to a comma separated value (.csv) file. The following information is downloaded to the .csv file:

  • Workflow Name
  • Workflow Description
  • Target User First Name
  • Target User Last Name
  • Target User ID
  • Workflow Enrollment Date
  • Duration Days
  • Workflow Status
  • Workflow Instance Last Updated