Workflow Engine - Manage Global Workflow Settings

Use the Global Workflow Settings page to configure settings for newly created workflows. The settings on this page do not apply to workflows created previously.

To access the Global Workflow Settings page, go to Admin > tools > Core Functions > Workflow Management > Global Workflow Settings.

Default Settings for New Workflows

You can configure the following settings:

  • Stuck Activity Detection - Enable this option to add Stuck status to In Progress activities that are not completed after a specific number of days. Select the number of days in the Number of days in Progress but not completed drop-down. The Stuck status appears on the Workflow Execution pages. See Workflow Engine - Manage Workflow Execution.
  • Activity Reassignment - Enable this option to automatically reassign workflow activities to the user's manager or higher if the assignee is Inactive or On Leave at the time of the assignment. This assignment only applies if the activity is assigned to an Employee Relationship or User. Note: If this option is not enabled, activities can be assigned to users who are inactive or on leave.