Workflow Engine - Manage Workflow Settings

Use the Workflow Setting page to change the name and description of your workflow, set the individual Activity Reassignment, and turn-on stuck activity detection.

  • If you are creating a new workflow, this page is accessible once you click Create on the Create a Workflow page. See Workflow Engine - Enter/Edit Workflow Name and Description.
  • To manage Workflow Settings, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Workflow Management > Workflow Library, select the ellipses for the workflow flowchart you want to edit, and click Edit. Select the Settings tab. Note: You can only edit workflows in Saved as Draft status.

Name and Description

Select this page to edit the name and description of the selected workflow.

Activity Reassignment

Select this page to enable or disable activity reassignment:

  • Enable the toggle to reassign Inactive or On Leave users to the next Active and Present user in the management hierarchy.
  • Disable the toggle to turn off activity reassignment. If disabled, activities may be assigned to users who are Inactive or On Leave status.
  • How many levels up the management hierarchy - Select up to 5 levels.  

Stuck Activity Detection

Enable this option to add Stuck status to In Progress activities that are not completed after a specific number of days. Select the number of days in the Number of days in Progress but not completed drop-down. The Stuck status appears on the Workflow Execution pages. See Workflow Engine - Manage Workflow Execution.