Workflow Engine - Manage Flowchart Activities

Use the Table page to manage Flowchart activities. You can view activities, add, edit, and delete activities.

  • If you are creating a new workflow, this page opens once you click Create on the Create a Workflow page. See Workflow Engine - Enter/Edit Workflow Name and Description.

  • To edit a Flowchart Activity, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Workflow Management > Workflow Library, select the ellipses for the workflow flowchart you want to edit, and click Edit. Select the Table tab. Note: You can only edit workflows in Saved as Draft status.

Add an Activity to the Flowchart

When creating a Form you can add activities that perform actions related to your Workflow. There are two general activity categories:

  • User Activities - Form Completion and Approval. These activities are assigned to (and completed by) a user.
  • System Activities - If/Then, Split, Merge, Save Data, and End Workflow. The user is not required to take any action to complete these activities. are System Activities.

To add an activity:

  1. Select the plus sign. The New Activity panel opens.
  2. Select an activity and complete the fields:
    • Approval - This activity is used to Approve, Deny, or Deny and Return the Form Completion activity in a workflow. This activity can be assigned to User, Employee Relation, or Organizational Unit. When added to a workflow the Approval activity allows you to create follow-up activities if approval is Approved or Denied. Complete the following:
      1. (optional) Enter a Title and Description.
      2. Review the forms being approved.
      3. Select the Assignee.
    • If/Then - This activity allows you to choose an Organization Unit where you want to route further workflow activities. If a user meets the criteria, they move forward down a specific branch. When added to a workflow the Approval activity allows you to create follow-up activities if users meet the specified criteria. Complete the following:
      1. (optional) Add a Title and Description.
      2. Select OUs that determine the activity criteria.
    • Form Completion - This activity uses forms from your existing Manage Forms to manage employee data. Assign this activity to User, Employee Relation, or OU. Complete the following:
      1. Enter a Title. You can enter up to 100 characters.
      2. (optional) Enter a Description. You can enter up to 500 characters.
      3. Select the Form to complete.
      4. Select the Assignee.
    • Split Activity/Merge Activity- This activity splits the execution of a workflow into multiple parallel branches containing independent activities. After the Split activity is added to a workflow, and a Form Complete activity added to each branch, use the Merge Activity to join the parallel branches into a single execution path.
    • Save Data /End Workflow - The Save activity is used to save employee data changes in a workflow execution. The End activity is used to identify the end of workflow or workflow branch. This activity signals to the system that a workflow is done.
  3. (optional) Click the Detailed View toggle to view the related form and assignees.
  4. Select the Save button for each activity you create.

Edit Flowchart Activities

Use the Activity table to view, add, edit, and delete activities.

Activity Table

The Activity table displays the following information:

  • Activity# - The system-generated activity number.
  • Title - The name of the activity.
  • Activity Type - The type of activity.
  • Outcome - The outcome of the selected activity.
  • Next Activity - The number of the activity that follows the selected activity.


The following options appear for each activity:

  • Add Activity - Add an activity to the Flowchart. This option is only visible for workflows with no activities.
  • Manage - View or edit the selected activity.
  • Delete - Delete the selected activity.