View Data - Overview

View Data enables organizations to interact with their talent data. Beyond simple tables and static visualizations, View Data combines data from multiple product modules and uses advanced visualizations to deliver not only an overview of the data but also a means to filter it down to the individual. View Data encompasses data from Performance, Succession, and Compensation.

To access View Data, go to View > View Data.


This functionality is available by request at an additional cost. Contact your Client Executive for additional information.

View Data Navigation Sublink

The View Data sublink must be added to a navigation tab, such as the View tab, in order for users to be able to access View Data. The tab is added from Navigation Tabs and Links Preferences.

Use Case

Silvia is the Chief Executive Officer of Dev Inc., a United States based company with 10,000 employees spread across 12 divisions. Silvia needs a visualization tool that enables her to get in touch with her organization’s talent data beyond tables and fixed charts. She is currently focused on Performance vs. Compensation.

Areas of Focus

  • Big Picture - At a company and division level
  • Detailed View - Employee level details


  • Identify employees with Low Compa-Ratio vs. High Performance
  • Identify employees with High Compa-Ratio vs. Low Performance
  • Identify pockets of Performance or Compensation on which to focus.
  • Explore trends by organizational unit (OU): Location, Position, Division
  • Examine and compare how key groupings differ from each other