Snapshot - Succession - Edit Potential Successors

When viewing the Succession page for a user, managers can edit their subordinate's potential successors and their subordinate's position's potential successors by clicking the Edit icon in the Potential Successors section. This option is only available to users who have permission to manage succession information on the Snapshot Succession page.

Note: Adding or removing potential successors from a position impacts the Potential Successors section for all users in the corresponding position. Also, any ratings that are applied to a position-based potential successor are applied to the Snapshot - Succession page of all users in the position.

To access the Succession Snapshot page, go to Home > Universal Profile. Then, click the Snapshot tab. Then, click the Succession widget.

Modify Successor Information

Additional information about the potential successor may be displayed, including user and SMP metric fields. Some fields can be edited, while others are read-only. Note: User record fields cannot be edited. In addition, some fields may require a selection, while a response is optional for others. Administrators can configure which fields are available and which fields are read-only, optional, or required in the Successor Information section in Succession Preferences. Note: If none of the fields are configured to be editable, then the Edit icon is not available.

Changes to successor information are not saved until the Save button is clicked.

Delete a Potential Successor

When editing the Potential Successors section, managers can delete potential successors. To delete a potential successor, click the Delete icon to the right of the appropriate successor.

If a potential successor is deleted, the deletion is not saved until the Save button is clicked.

Save or Cancel

Click Save to commit any changes. Or, click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes.