Skills Profile - My Feedback Requests - Edit Feedback Actions

The Edit Feedback Actions page enables the feedback requestor to view the status and results of their request, edit the request settings, and cancel any in progress or not started actions if necessary.

To edit feedback actions for your feedback request, go to Home > Universal Profile. Then, from the Skills menu, select My Feedback Requests. Select the menu icon on the right side of the request. Then, select Edit Feedback Actions.

Edit Request

To edit a feedback request, select the Edit Request button. This opens the Edit Feedback Request flyout.

The following values in the request can be edited:

  • Who the feedback is about
  • Who should provide feedback
  • Skills
  • Request Name

After updating the request, select the Update button.

Any completed requests are not impacted by the modifications. If a user is removed as an assigned rater or target user, any existing feedback actions for this person are cancelled and can still be viewed on the Feedback Actions page.

View Feedback

To view the results of any completed feedback action, select the View Feedback link. This link is only available for feedback actions in a Completed status.

The Feedback Details pop-up displays the details of the feedback action, including each of the responses and the feedback.


Cancel Action

The feedback requestor has the option to cancel any request that is Not Started or In Progress. When a request is cancelled, the cancelled request remains visible on the Feedback Actions page in a Cancelled status. The request is removed from the requestee's Actions list and any email digests.