Actions - Compensation Plan Approvals

From the Actions tab, approvers can access their pending approval requests. Only pending compensation plan approval requests are displayed. The tab only displays for users with permission to view request items.

Approvers can view compensation plan approval requests that require their approval or denial from the Universal Profile: Actions page.

To view approval requests, go to Home > Universal Profile > Actions. Then, click the Actions tab.

When a compensation plan approval request is displayed, the following is displayed for each request:

  • Color Strip - The left edge of the action item icon is color coded to represent proximity to the due date of the action item. For example, if the action item due date is past due, then the color strip is red to indicate that action is required immediately. If an action item due date is not eminent, then the color strip is green to indicate that action is not required immediately. See the Color Strip Key section below for additional information.
  • Title - This displays the action item title. Click the action item title to open the Approval tab of the compensation plan.
  • Due Date - This displays the due date for the compensation plan.
  • Status - This displays the current status of the request.
  • Compensation Manager - This displays the user who is serving as the compensation manager for the compensation plan.


The following option may be available from the action item drop-down menu for compensation managers and co-planners:

  • Review Plan - This option opens the Approval tab of the compensation plan, where the approver can review and approve the compensation plan. Compensation plan approvers can only approve a compensation plan from the Approval tab of the compensation plan. This ensures the approver has viewed the details of the compensation plan that is being approved.

Color Strip Key

The following colors are available:

  • Red - Due today or past due
  • Orange - Due within the next seven days, not including today
  • Green - Due after seven days