Career Center - Career Path

Career Pathing allows you to view career paths by viewing related jobs based off of your current Job Organization Unit. You can view the Job's description, responsibilities, requirements, competencies necessary and any gaps you may have when matched up to the job requirements and competencies. You may also indicate interest in the potential path you wish to take and create a development plan off of recommended activities for the related job of interest.

Note: This functionality is only available for portals that enable Succession. Organizations using the Recruiting functionality have an enhanced Career Center experience.

To access the Career Path page, go to Succession > Career Center > Career Path.

Current Job

Displays your current position.

Next Jobs in Career Path

Displays the next jobs in your career path. This is based on the related jobs configuration.

Click any one of the next jobs and view the job profile of that job. You will see:

  • The next level of jobs in the career path.
  • Up to two levels from your current Organizational Unit on the career path.
  • All aspects of the job profile, including the job description, requirements, responsibilities, competencies, and development activities.

Add as Interest

Click this link when viewing a job profile to add the job to your list of interests. The job title appears under the Job Interests section on the Career Preferences tab. You can remove the job as an interest from the Career Preferences page or when viewing the job profile within career pathing by clicking the Remove as Interest link.

Profile Match %

Displays how well you match the job profile. This percentage is based on how well you match the attributes associated with the position, such as education and skills, and how well you match the competencies associated with the position.

Users may be able to update their attributes via the Universal Profile: Bio Resume page.

See Bio - Resume Overview.

When calculating the Profile Match Percentage, the attributes and competencies are equally weighted, and the user must be at or above the target competency rating in order for the competency to count towards the user's match percentage. For example, if the position has 15 competencies and 5 attributes, then there are 20 total items. If a user fulfills 6 competencies and 2 skills, then the user's profile match percentage is 8 divided by 20, which is equal to 40%.

Job Profile Sections

When viewing a job profile, the following sections may be available:


Displays the responsibilities that are associated with the job. This section appears if job responsibilities are defined by the administrator.


Displays all of the job attributes from the Resume. The panel displays each Resume section and the attribute criteria defined. You can click the title of each section to view the criteria of that section. This analysis will help you to determine how well you match the requirements for a job including education, experience, and skill requirements. A green check displays, indicating that you match all requirements for that section. If you only match against some or none of the criteria defined for the section, then a warning icon will appear indicating hat there are gaps.

Competency Summary

Displays all competencies included in the competency model. This job competency analysis allows you to see how well you match up against the competencies required for the job. The system will run an assessment on your competencies against the included job competencies. The job competency targets and rating scale will be based on the competency model attached to the Organizational Unit. For each job competency contained in the competency model, the system will take your most recent assessment task rating for that competency and match that against the target and rating scale for the job competency. If a job competency is contained in the model that you do not have a rating for, then it will appear as N/A. If you have additional competencies that are not contained in the job competency model, those competencies will not be assessed. For each competency, you can view your assessment rating, the target and the difference or gap of their rating against the job competency model. For ratings at or above target, a green bar will appear. For ratings below target, a red bar will appear.

Recommended Activities or Training

Displays all training related to the position. This includes training from the following areas:

  • Position OU - Any training that is associated with the position OU is displayed.
  • Competency Summary - Recommended training is displayed based on the results of the assessment in the competency summary panel. The learning objects display based on your ratings against the competency model attached to the position OU. Only learning objects attached to competencies in the competency model will display. Learning objects from the competency model will only appear if the OU has an attached competency model and the assessment is done.

If no recommended training is available, then this panel does not display. If you have already completed a learning object, it will not appear in the panel.

Create Development Plan

At the bottom of the Recommended Activities section, the click the Create Development Plan button and the system will create a development plan including all learning objects in the recommended activities panel. A pop-up will open indicating that a development plan has been created. The development plan will have to go through the approval process defined. When you reassess yourself against the job profile, if a development plan is already created for the job, then an Update Development plan button will display.