Mobile-Friendly Career Site - Job Details

From the details page for jobs on responsive (mobile-friendly) career sites, applicants can apply to the job, as well as share and save the job.

The top of the page displays the job title, location, and requisition number.

Apply Now

Click Apply Now to apply to the job. This opens the application for the job. See Mobile-Friendly Career Site - Application.

Share Job

Applicants can share jobs on the career site via email, LinkedIn, and Facebook. However, the LinkedIn and Facebook sharing options may not appear if they have been hidden by the administrator.

Note: The source for applicants who apply to a job using a standard workflow via a shared job posting through a social network is either Referral-LinkedIn or Referral-Facebook. Mobile friendly workflows do not support the Referral-LinkedIn or Referral-Facebook sources at this time.

Save Job

To save the job opening to your list of saved jobs, click Save Job.

  • If you are logged in with either LinkedIn or system credentials, the job is added to your list of saved jobs on the My Profile page. The Save Job button is then hidden.
  • If you are not logged in, you are taken to the Sign In/Self Register page. Upon logging in or creating a new profile, you are taken back to the Job Details page from which you came. See Career Site - Sign In and Self Register for additional information.
  • If the job is already in your list of saved jobs, then "Job Saved" displays.

Reapply to Job

On mobile-friendly career sites, applicants can reapply to a job for which they do not have an active application. The Re-Apply button displays on the Job Details page in place of the Apply Now button.

Note: The ability to re-apply is dependent on the configuration of the preference in General Preferences that enables internal and external applicants to re-apply after they have been dispositioned.See General Preferences (by Division).

Visibility of Apply, Share, Save Job Options

There are a few situations in which neither the job ad nor the Apply Now, Save Job, and Share options will be visible. In these cases, job seekers will see "This job is not available," and they will be able to return to the search page by clicking Back to Search.

These cases include:

  • If Do not allow to apply is checked on the requisition
  • If a requisition is not in Open or Open Pending Reapproval status
  • If the requisition is not posted
  • If the requisition's postings have not yet become effective
  • If the requisition's postings have expired