Mobile-Friendly Career Site - Application

Applicants applying to jobs on responsive (mobile-friendly) career sites will experience some differences in the application process for mobile-friendly applications. The application may appear on a single page, which provides a simplified application process.

In addition, applicants can add attachments to their application, if enabled by the administrator, and save their progress.

Add Attachments

Applicants completing a mobile-friendly application can add additional attachments to their application, if enabled when the requisition is configured. An "Additional Attachments" section displays on the Upload Attachments page and will let applicants know what types of attachments to upload.

The attachment may be required in order for the applicant to submit the application.

Save Application Progress

Applicants can save their progress on mobile-friendly applications by clicking Save at the bottom of the page. All progress is saved, including any attachments that have been uploaded. If an applicant attempts to leave the page, they are also prompted to save their progress.

When progress is saved and the applicant returns to the application, they are taken to the first page of the application.

Saved applications appear as In Progress on the applicant's My Profile page. Applicants can click Continue to continue working on the application. Once the application is submitted, it appears as Complete on their My Profile page.


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