Internal Career Site - My Referrals

The My Referrals page lists each candidate to whom the user has referred a job.

To access the My Referrals page, click My Referrals in the upper-right corner of the job search page or the My Jobs page.

The following information displays for each referral:

  • Email - This is the email address of the candidate to whom the job was referred.
  • Job Title - This is the name of the job that was referred. The title is linked to the job details for jobs that are still open.
  • Requisition ID - This is an internal value that is automatically assigned when a job requisition is created.
  • Referral Bonus - This is the referral bonus amount, if available and visible to you. This column is hidden if no referrals are eligible for a bonus.
  • Status - This is the application status of the candidate referral you submitted. The following are the possible statuses:
    • Invited to Apply - When the referral email is sent, the status is Invited to Apply.
    • In Review - This status indicates that the candidate applied for the job.
    • Hired - This status indicates that the candidate has been hired for the job.
    • Closed - This status indicates that the candidate's application has been closed or dispositioned (e.g., the candidate failed the pre-screening test).
  • Last Action Date - This is the date on which the last action was taken on the candidate's application for the job. For example, if the candidate was interviewed by phone, then the date of the interview appears here.

Quick access options are available in the top-right corner of the page. Click My Jobs to view the jobs to which you have applied or are in the process of applying. Click Search Jobs to go to the job search page.

Note: As part of the October '20 release, the name of the My Profile page is changed to My Jobs.