Indirect Organizational Unit for External Applicants

External applicants are dynamically assigned an indirect Division, Position, and/or Location organizational unit (OU) upon applying to a job requisition. The OU assignment is inherited from OU values defined for the requisition. Associating applicants with specific OUs enables standard system settings, such as permission constraints and availability, to be applied to the applicant.

The indirect OU designation also allows external candidates to now be included in talent pools created by administrators and managers with OU constraints placed on the Talent Pools - Manage permission. Previously, external candidates could not be included in talent pools because they were not associated to an OU.

Application Methods

External applicants apply for requisitions via a career site or by being added manually by a recruiter or administrator. Regardless of the application method, external applicants are dynamically assigned the requisition's current OU values for division, position, and location.

Applying to Multiple Job Requisitions

Applicants inherit all OU values associates with the requisitions to which they apply. For example, if an applicant applies to three requisitions and each requisition has a different Location OU, the applicant is dynamically assigned all three Location OUs.

Transitioning from Candidate to Hired

When an external candidate's status changes to Hired, the indirect OUs associated with the candidate are not applied to the employee user record.

Indirect OU Visibility

Indirect OUs associated with applicants are not visible in the system.

Indirect OU Reporting

Indirect OUs associated with applicants are not reportable in the system.

Indirect OU Removal

Indirect OUs associated with applicants cannot be removed from the applicant.

Editing Requisition Level OUs

If the value in the Job Title, Division, or Location field for a requisition is changed after an applicant applies to the requisition, then the applicant inherits the new OU value. The previous OU value no longer applies to the applicant.