Self Schedule Interview - Event Details

The Event Details section on the self schedule page enables applicants to view the details of the interview event. To access the self scheduling page, applicants click the Launch button for the task in the My Tasks panel on their My Profile page in the career site.

The following information displays in the Event Details section:

  • Date - This field displays the start and end date of the event.
  • Time Zone - This field displays the time zone of the event.
  • Duration - This field displays the duration of the available interview sessions.
  • Type - This field displays the type of interview, either In Person Interview or Phone Interview. For Phone Interview types, the interview phone number may display, if included.
  • Comments - This field displays any comments for the applicant that were made by the recruiter when creating the self scheduling invitation.
  • Location - This field displays the interview address and a map of the location. If the Location field does not display, this indicates that a location was not included when configuring the interview event.