Performance Review - Select Competencies Pop-up

When completing a Competency Rating step within a performance review, the reviewer can select additional competencies on which to rate the reviewee.

To select additional competencies, click the Select Competencies button. This opens a pop-up to select the competencies you want to add to the review. The ability to select additional competencies is determined by the system administrator.

Select Competencies

  • To select a single competency, select the checkbox to the left of the competency name. Multiple competencies can be selected.
  • To select all of the available competencies, select the Select All checkbox in the upper-left corner of the competency list.


Click the Add button after selecting the appropriate competencies, .

Add Competency

Some competencies may not automatically appear in the pop-up. To add competencies that do not appear in the pop-up automatically, click the Add Competency button in the upper-right corner of the competency list. This opens the Search Competencies pop-up. See Search Competencies Pop-up. This option is only available to certain reviewers if enabled by the administrator.