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Performance Review - Goal Rating - Feedback Responses

Administrators can configure a Goal Rating performance review section to include any feedback the user received on the goals that are included in the section.

The Feedback Responses pop-up enables reviewers to view all feedback responses available within a specific Goals Feedback request. This enables the reviewer to easily reference all available information when rating a specific goal.

To view the Feedback Responses pop-up for a goal within a Goal Rating review section, click the Feedback button to the right of the goal feedback. Goal feedback is only displayed in the Goal Rating section if it is enabled by the administrator and if goal feedback is available for the goal. A reviewer can only view goal feedback if the reviewer is within the visibility settings for the feedback.

Feedback Request Details

At the top of the pop-up, the details of the feedback request are displayed, including the original feedback request and the details of the goal for which the user requested feedback.

Feedback Responses

Below the feedback request details, feedback responses display in chronological order with the most recent feedback responses displayed first.

The visibility settings of the structured feedback is respected within the pop-up. That is, reviewers can only view feedback if the reviewer is within the visibility settings for the feedback. Also, if the feedback is provided anonymously, then this anonymity is respected within the pop-up.


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