Performance Review - Development Plan - Add Objective

Development plans are creating by adding development objectives to outline what you are trying to achieve in your development plan. Objectives are the target areas of the plan. For example, if you are creating a development plan to improve your communication skills, you may create an objective to improve your writing skills. This objective should contain all of the training and actions you need to complete in order to achieve the objective, such as completing writing classes or shadowing a writer at your organization.

To add an objective to the development plan, click the Add Objective button. The Add Objective pop-up opens.

Objective Title

Enter a title for the objective, up to 3000 characters. This is required. This title should provide an understanding of the developmental objective (e.g., Leadership, Presentation Skills).

Objective Category

From the drop-down, select a category for the objective. This is optional. The available objective categories are defined by the administrator. If there are no available objective categories, then the drop-down menu does not appear.

After entering the appropriate information, click Save. The new objective is added at the top of the development plan. If a category is selected for the objective, then the category name appears to the right of the objective title in parenthesis. Training and action steps can then be added to the objective.