Performance Review - Development Plan - Action Step Options

For action steps added to the development plan during the performance review task, you can edit or delete an action step by selection an option in the Actions drop-down .

Note: The Actions drop-down is not available for action steps that were added to the development plan prior to the performance review task. These action steps cannot be edited or deleted within the performance review section.

You can edit the title, category, progress, and due date.

To edit an action step, click the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the action step and select Edit Action Step.

Action Step Title

Enter a title for the action step, up to 3000 characters. This title should provide an understanding of the developmental action step.This is required.

Activity Category

Select a category for the action step. If there are no available activity categories, then the drop-down menu does not appear. This is optional. The available activity categories are defined by the administrator.


The percentage complete for the item. If there is progress on the action step when it is added to the plan or when edited, you can update the progress. If the step is not started, enter 0; if the step is complete, enter 100.

Due Date

Set a due date for the action step. This is optional.

After entering the appropriate information, click Save. The action step details are updated.

Action Step - Delete

Click the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the action step and select Delete Action Step. A confirmation pop-up appears to confirm the deletion.