Performance Review - Sign-off

The Sign-off section allows reviewees, managers, and other users to electronically sign the performance review. A signature line appears for each role that is added to the signature section.

If a user has the proper permission, they can sign off on performance reviews in bulk. Note: Reviewers can only utilize the Bulk Sign Off functionality for performance reviews that are configured to use the Electronic sign-off method. See Performance Reviews - Bulk Sign Off.

Performance Review Details

At the top of the performance review, the following performance review details are displayed:

  • Performance Review Title - The performance review title is configured by the administrator when the review is created.
  • Reviewee Photograph, Name, and Title - The reviewee's photograph, name, and position title are displayed. Click the user's name or photograph to open their Universal Profile in a separate window. See Universal Profile - Bio Overview.
  • Review Period - The time period for which the reviewee is being reviewed is displayed.
  • Step Progress - As sections within the review step are completed, the step progress is updated to reflect the completion percentage. Sections that require data to be entered are considered complete once all required fields in the section are completed. When a reviewer views a section that does not require any information, the section is considered complete when the reviewer views the section. Note: The Overview page is not included in the completion percentage.


Depending on the configuration of the performance review and the reviewer's permissions, options may be available from the Options drop-down menu. See Performance Review - Options Drop-down Overview.

Performance Review Sections

On the left side of the performance review, the navigation menu displays all sections along with their completion status. Reviewers can click a section tab to access the section. See Performance Review - Review Sections.


The signature method varies depending on the review section configuration. The following signature methods may be available:

  • Electronic - If an empty field appears, enter your name and click Sign. You can re-sign prior to submitting the associated step by clicking the Re-Sign button. The submitted signature displays the name in the font selected by the employee on the My Account > My Preferences page and a date stamp. The section is complete once the review is signed.
  • Authenticated - If an acknowledgment option appears, read the acknowledgment, select the acknowledgment checkbox to acknowledge the agreement, and click Sign. Your signature is automatically added with a date stamp. Users cannot edit their name or signature. This prevents typos because your system name is automatically entered. The section is complete once the review is signed.
  • Manual - If a manual signature has been selected, the act of viewing the Sign-off section marks the section complete. You must then sign the printable version of the review.

Decline to Sign

Depending on the configuration of the Sign Off performance review section, a Decline to Sign option may be available to a reviewer. This enables the reviewer to decline to add their signature to the Sign Off section of the performance review to indicate that they do not agree with the outcome of the performance review. When the reviewer selects this option, the Sign button and the First and last name field are disabled. Also, a notification appears at the top of all performance review steps to indicate that the reviewer declined to sign the performance review.

If the reviewer has already signed the performance review, then the Decline to sign option is hidden. If the reviewer chooses to remove their signature prior to submitting the performance review, they can click the Redo button to remove their signature. At this point, the Decline to sign option is available again.

In read-only mode, the Decline to sign is not displayed if it was not selected during the performance review.

In the printable performance review, if the reviewer declines to sign the performance review task, then "Decline to sign" is displayed in the user's signature area and no date is populated in the Date field. This clearly indicates that the user did not sign the performance review.


Reviewers can add comments about the review in the Comments field if comments are allowed for the section. The character limit for comment fields is 10,000.

  • If the Inappropriate Word Filter is enabled for performance reviews, then the filter flags any inappropriate words that are contained within the full text Comment field. See Performance Review - Inappropriate Language.
  • To check the spelling of the text box contents, click the ABC icon in the text box toolbar. This opens the Spell Checker pop-up.
  • If you have a need to copy and paste content into a performance review, please be sure to right-click the field into which you are pasting the content, and select the "Paste" option. You can also perform the same action by pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[V]. This will ensure any formatting HTML does not get inserted into the text.

Navigation Buttons

The following buttons are available at the bottom of the page:

  • Back - This button takes users to the previous step of the performance review. This button is not available on the first page of the performance review.
  • Save and Exit - This button saves the reviewer's progress and exits the performance review.
  • Save and Continue - This button saves the reviewer's progress, validates all selections and comments, and proceeds to the next step of the performance review. This button is not available on the final page of the performance review.
  • Submit - This button submits the performance review. This button is only available when all sections of the performance review are complete. Once the task is submitted, you cannot modify the review task unless multiple submissions are allowed for the review task.

Depending on the configuration of the performance review task, the reviewer's selected ratings may be visible to the system administrator as soon as the review task is saved. This includes when the performance review is automatically saved by the system. This enables the administrators to begin utilizing the data for calibration purposes while the review step is in progress.

When a reviewer is editing a reopened step or a submitted review step that allows multiple submissions, the performance review Save button labels are updated to more clearly indicate that the Save options do not finalize any of the ratings.

  • The Save and Exit button is renamed to Save as Draft and Exit.
  • The Save and Continue button is renamed to Save as Draft and Continue.

When in read-only mode, the available buttons are Back, Exit, and Next.