Succession Tasks Overview

Prior to creating and managing succession planning tasks, organizations should do the following:

  1. Create the custom fields and metrics that will be used in the succession planning process. See Custom Field Administration - Succession.
    • For any metrics that are defined, the administrator can configure the rating scales and will be available within succession planning tasks. If any custom drop-down or radio button fields are added, the options for those can be also be configured.
    • Administrators can combine ratings from numeric user custom fields, performance reviews, competency assessments, and succession rating scale metrics into one rating that can be used to plot users on a metric grid. The formula metrics can have their own rating scale with identifiable color coding, and will be reportable in standard reports as well as analytics. Succession planning tasks must be completed by their end date in order for the data to be available in subsequent tasks.
    • The 9 and 4-box grids can be created as a Metric Grid custom fields and will allow for reporting and analytics capabilities.
  2. Create the succession planning task templates that will be used to create your tasks. Succession Management Plan templates includes all of the steps and configuration options for a particular setup of a succession management task. SMP templates support talent pooling succession plans. See Succession Management Plan (SMP) Templates - Overview.

Custom reports can include data from formula metrics. Managers and administrators can select any formula metric to create a custom report.


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Recommended Reports

A complete list of recommended reports for managers, learning, performance, and succession is available in the OnDemand Support folder: