SMP PowerPoint Report Overview

The SMP PowerPoint Templates functionality and report allows for the creation and exporting of succession data in a PowerPoint format. This functionality utilizes Microsoft PowerPoint and a succession standard report within the system. This functionality is part of the Succession Module and exports data from a succession task for each employee in the task to a pre-formatted PowerPoint template. The PowerPoint template can display data for each employee in a SMP profile format or can be a metric grid output that displays all the employees on the metric grid. This provides greater flexibility in designing the output of how succession data is to appear for as part of the succession planning process.

Administrators can create PowerPoint templates based on available tags within the system in order to define which data the template will display from a SMP task. Exporting this data to PowerPoint gives greater customizing and presentation abilities when viewing succession data during Talent/Succession planning meetings with key stakeholders and executives.

Note: You must have Microsoft Office with PowerPoint and have installed the Office 2007 Compatibility pack or have Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 or newer in order to use this functionality.

All templates must be created in the PowerPoint 2007 format or newer(*.pptx). Otherwise, this functionality cannot be used.

The functionality does not support all features of Microsoft PowerPoint. The data displayed in PowerPoint falls under the constraints and restrictions per Microsoft. The system cannot impact or modify PowerPoint functionality.

To manage templates and tags, go to Administration > Tools > Succession Management > PowerPoint Report Preferences.

See SMP PowerPoint Template Add/Delete.

See SMP PowerPoint Tags - View/Edit .

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