Goals - Overview

Goals allow users, managers, and organizations to set action oriented tasks and track results. User can set personal goals, managers can create goals for their teams, or administrators can populate goals across the entire organization. Goals can be shared or distributed among individuals, groups of users, entire divisions, or an entire organization. To ensure everyone is working towards the same shared goal, the goals management functionality allows users to align their personal goals with those set by their manager or senior leadership.

Goals management in Cornerstone OnDemand is a tool that supports the creation and tracking of specific and time-targeted goals. The functionality enables users to break goals into their constituent tasks and targets for easy tracking and reporting. The tool can be applied to individuals, managers and their subordinates, divisions, and the entire organization.

Goals can be included in performance reviews to allow users to be evaluated on both their effectiveness in their positions and their achievement on any strategic initiatives.

Goal Success Descriptors Overview

Within performance reviews, employees may be rated on their ability to achieve goals. Over the review period for the goal, perceptions of success for the employee can change for both the organization and the employee.

Success Descriptors enable employees to define how they deem success in relation to a goal. After an administrator defines the number of levels of success (at the OU level) as well as the labels for those success levels, users can describe what those levels mean in their own words. Administrators can also pre-configure the descriptions of those success levels to help guide the employee, who can later edit the descriptions in order to make them more personal or relevant to the goal.

After a review, through the Goal Details Report and the Performance Reviews Goal Rating section, employees and the organization are able to reflect on the employee's efforts and compare what the employee achieved to what they expected to achieve.

Administrators can define success descriptors by OU. They can also set some administrative details about the success descriptors functionality. Users can edit their own descriptors, defining how they interpret the goal success level.

When an administrator defines a goal template in the Goal Library, success descriptors do not appear as an option that can be defined. This is because success descriptors are added when the user pulls the template into their own goal.


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