Development Plans Overview (Legacy)

From the main Development Plans page, you can view and manage your existing development plans, including completed, past due, or cancelled plans. You can create a development plan using a plan template or create an entirely new plan. The plans table displays each plan's title, creation date, due date, progress, and status. You can select which plan is your primary plan; the primary plan is linked to your performance review (if the performance review is configured with a link to your development plan). If a user has only one development plan, that plan is designated as the primary plan by default. As additional plans are added, the user may choose a different primary plan at any time. In the Options column, you can edit, cancel, or print the plan. You can update and manage the plan progress by clicking the plan title.

Note: Depending on the preferences set by the administrator, you may not have the option to create a plan using a plan template. Also, if there are no templates available, this option does not appear.

To access the Development Plan Overview page, navigate to Performance > Development Plans.

Feature Action
1 Create a new plan by clicking the Create button. See Development Plan - Create (Legacy).
2 If plan templates are enabled and at least one template is available to the user, create a new plan using a template by clicking the Use Plan Template link. See Development Plan - Create from Template (Legacy).
3 Navigate to the Development Plan Approval page by clicking the Approve Development Plans link. Here you can review, modify, and approve plans that are pending your approval if approval is required. Note: This option is not available if development plans do not require approval or if you are not responsible for approving development plans. See Development Plan - Approve (Legacy).
4 See a merged view of your development plans by clicking the Merged Development Plan link. This displays all of your development plan objectives in a single view. This view can be viewed by Objectives, Action Steps, and Activity Items. See Development Plan - Merged View (Legacy).

Manage progress on your plans by clicking the plan title. View cancelled plans and view or hide complete and past due plans using the display option check boxes. See Development Plan - View (Legacy).

Select your primary development plan in the Primary Plan column. The primary development plan can be linked to a user's performance review so that when training is added to a development plan within the performance review, this is added to the primary development plan by default. If the primary plan is deleted, the first development plan in the list is marked as the primary plan. If no development plan exists and one is created, it is automatically set as the primary plan.


The following options appear in the Options column:

  • Edit
  • Cancel - Users can cancel plans that are In Progress, which triggers an email to the approver if the email is active and approval is required.
  • Delete - Users can delete any plan that is not In Progress.
  • Print


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