Development Plan - Merged View (Legacy)

The merged view is a way to see the details of multiple development plans in a single, merged view. This allows users to view all of the objectives, action steps, and training items they are responsible for completing in an organized manner. Completed or Cancelled dev plans are not available in merged view.

To access a merged view of your development plans, from the Manage Development Plans page, click the View Merged Development Plan link.

You can sort the merged view using the two drop-down lists at the top of the view. After selecting the appropriate filters, click Sort to reconfigure the view.

  • The Display drop-down list allows you to view Objectives, Action Steps, or Training Items.
  • The Sort By drop-down list allows you to sort the view by Due Date, Progress, or Category/Type.

Training items that are not yet complete can be launched by clicking the Launch link next to the item. You can view the details of any training item by clicking the item title. If a user has two identical training items in two separate development plans, both items appear in merged view. Note: If a user has completed a learning object with equivalency to another item on their transcript, both items are marked as complete.

To view the development plan details for an objective, action step, or training item, click the development plan title for that item.

To view a printable version of the merged view or to export the merged view to PDF, click the corresponding icon in the upper-right corner of the merged view.

Merged View Sorted by Objective

Merged View Sorted by Action Steps

Merged View Sorted by Training Items