Development Plan - Create from Template (Legacy)

When development plan templates are created and enabled by the administrators, users can use them to assist in creating their development plan. Plan templates are pre-defined plans created by the system administrator, which users can pull from to create a development plan for themselves or subordinates.

When a user selects a plan template, all of the information in the template is added to a starter development plan for the user, at which point they can modify or remove any of the objectives, training items, or action steps. The development plan name, description, etc. default to those of the template, but the user may modify them as appropriate.

To create a development plan using a development plan template, from the Manage Development Plans page, click the Use Plan Template link. This opens the Select a Development Plan Template window. This link does not appear if templates are not enabled or if no templates are available.

From the list of available plan templates, you can either browse these templates or search for a template by template name or by category using the Search function at the top of the page.

Click the template name to view the template.

To select a template, click the Select link in the Options column for the appropriate template. This creates a new development plan with the information contained in the selected template. You can then modify or remove most of the information. Custom fields added to a template appear instead of those configured for the division OU under Development Plan Preferences. Custom fields appear above the objectives and cannot be removed or altered by the user; the user can only complete the fields that appear. See Development Plan - Create (Legacy).