Development Plan - Approve (Legacy)

When a user submits a new development plan or modifies an existing plan, if development plan approval is required, an approval request email is sent to the manager or the plan approver (if the corresponding email is active). The manager or approver must approve the development plan before the user can begin progress on the plan. In addition, plans may require approval if the user made a change to their plan, canceled their plan, or completed a plan that needs completion approval.

The manager/approver can access the development plan approval screen in the following ways:

  • From the Welcome Page Inbox, click the View Development Plans link. The Inbox link indicates how many development plans are pending your approval.
  • From the My Team > Action Items page, click the Approve/Deny link.
  • From the Manage Development Plans page, click the Approve Development Plans link.

Note: These options are not available if development plans do not require approval or if you are not responsible for approving development plans.

To approve or deny development plans, click the Approve Development Plans link either from your Inbox or from the Manage Development Plans page. This takes you to the Development Plan Approval page, which displays the development plans that require approval. This may be approval for a new plan, modifications to a plan, or canceling a plan.

Click the plan title to view the plan details. If comments are enabled, the approver may add comments to the development plan. After reviewing the details of the plan, approve or deny the plan by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

You can also approve all plans from the Development Plan Approval window by selecting the Check All option and clicking the Approve Request button. The Check/Uncheck All option is only available if enabled by the system administrator. This approves all development plans displayed on the page.

If a plan is approved, the status changes to In Progress and appears in the user's Manage Development Plans page. If a plan is denied, the status changes to Denied and appears in the user's Manage Development Plans page.