Development Plan - Create (Legacy)

Employees can collaborate online with their managers to create objective-based development plans and can also design a career path by determining proactive developmental activities, and tracking and measuring targeted improvements that coincide with an employee's development plan.

To create a development plan, go to Performance > Development Plans, and click the Create button.

The process to edit a development plan is similar to creating a development plan. To edit a development plan, go to Performance > Development Plans. Next to the appropriate development plan, in the Options column, click the Edit icon.

Enter the appropriate information in the following sections:

  • General Information - The title, description, and category. Description and category are optional.
  • Objectives - Development plans are creating by adding development objectives to outline what you are trying to achieve in your development plan. Objectives are the target areas of the plan. For example, if you are creating a development plan to improve your communication skills, you may create an objective to improve your writing skills. This objective should contain all of the training and actions you need to complete in order to achieve the objective, such as completing writing classes or shadowing a writer at your organization.
  • Assign Direct Reports - This section enables a manager to assign the development plan to their direct reports. This section is only available to managers.
  • Assignment Selection - This section enables an administrator to assign the development plan to an entire OU or group of users. This section is only available to administrators with the permission to assign development plans.

Once the appropriate information is added, click Save or Submit.

Once a development plan is created, assigned, and approved, it is available for users and progress can be updated. Comments can be added to the development plan and a modification history is available. Note: The Comments section may not appear, depending on the system configuration.


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