Development Plan - Add Recommended Training (Legacy)

When adding objectives to a development plan, you may have the option to add recommended training based on competency models, competency assessments, and past development plans. The availability of these Add Recommended Training options is configured by the system administrator via Development Plan Preferences. If an option is not enabled, it does not appear in the drop-down list. If none of the options are enabled, the Add Recommended Training link does not appear on the page when creating a development plan.

  • Selected Objectives and Training from a Competency Assessment - This option enables the user to select a specific competency assessment and import the objectives and training based on the results of that competency assessment. These are based on the objectives and training set for different target ratings when competencies are created.
  • Incomplete Objectives and Training from Past Plans - This option will bring in all objectives and training that was not completed from any prior development plan the user was working toward completing.
  • Recommended Objectives and Training for a Competency Model - This option enables the user to select a competency model, even if they were not assessed using the model. This will bring in all of the objectives and training associated with that competency model.

To add recommended training to a development plan, in the Objectives section, click the Add Recommended Training link. This opens the Recommended Objectives and Training window.

From the View drop-down list, select the appropriate option. Next to the Search button, from the drop-down list, select the appropriate competency model, competency assessment, or past development plan and click the Search button. When selecting a competency model, you may also select a model category to narrow your search. The available items are displayed.

Select the appropriate development items and click the Save button. The selected objectives and associated action steps are added to the development plan, where they can be edited before submitting the plan for approval.

If an objective is added from a past plan, that objective is added to the end of the development plan. If a recommended training item is selected, that training item is added as a part of a new objective, and the new objective is given the name of the item from which the training item is added. For example, if a recommended training item is added from a competency model, the objective is given the name of the corresponding competency, and if a recommended training item is added from an existing development plan, the objective is given the name of the objective from the previous dev plan.