Development Plan - Comments (Legacy)

Note: The Comments section may not appear, depending on the system configuration.

The Comments section allows you and your manager to add threaded comments related to all aspects of your development plan. For example, you may add a comment to explain your recent efforts toward this plan. You manager can then reply to your comments or they can add an unrelated comment. Replies appear indented under the original comments so that it is easily understood that the comments relate to each other. Comments are displayed with a profile photo to the left. If a photo is not uploaded for the user, a shadow image appears in place of the photo. All comments are visible in this section. You can delete any comments that you have made. You can expand or collapse this section by clicking the arrow to the right of the section heading.

To add a new comment, click the plus sign icon next to the section title. The character limit for this field is 3,000. To reply to a comment, click the Reply (speech bubble) icon next to the comment. To delete a comment you have added click the trash can icon next to the comment.