Check-Ins - Manage Topics

Topics are the discussion guides that are available for Check-In meetings.

From the Manage Topics page, you can perform the following tasks:

To view the Manage Topics page, go to Performance > Check-Ins and then click the appropriate check-in on your dashboard. Click the Settings icon, and then click the Manage Topics tab.

Check-Ins Icons

The following icons are available on this page:

Return to Dashboard - Click this icon to go to your Check-Ins Dashboard.
Discussion members - Displays the people who are involved in this discussion. Click any member to view their meeting dates, archive a meeting, or create a new check-in discussion for the selected person. Based on the settings, this icon may be an image, user initials, or an open circle.

Active Tab

Displays all active topics.

Archive Tab

Displays all archived topics. You can restore archived topics to active status at any time.

Add Topic

Click the Add Topic button to add a new topic to this discussion.

  1. On the Add Topic fly-out, complete the following fields:
    • Enter Topic Title (required). You can enter up to 200 characters.
    • Enter Topic Instructions (optional).
  2. Click Save to save the new topic to the topic list.

Tip: If you want to add several topics at once, click the Add Another Topic checkbox after you enter the Topic Title and/or Topic Instructions, and then click Save. The topic is saved to the topic list and a blank Add Topic page opens.


To edit a topic, click Edit for the appropriate topic. The Edit Topic panel slides open. Edit the appropriate fields, and then click SAVE.

Archive/Restore a Topic

An archived topic is removed from active list of topics and is not available for use in the discussion.

  • To archive a topic, on the Active tab, click Edit for the appropriate topic. On the Edit Topic fly-out, click the Archive this topic check-box. The topic is archived and moved to the Archived tab.
  • To restore a topic to Active status, on the Archived tab, click Restore for the appropriate topic. The restored topic appears on the Active tab.

Change the Order of Topics

To change the order of a topic, click on the left menu associated with the topic, and move it up or down to the appropriate location.

Exit Settings

Click the Exit Settings button to return to the meetings and discussion page.