Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - Training Reviews

The Cornerstone Mobile app was removed from the Apple App and Google Play stores on April 30, 2020. The app will be deprecated in August 2020 and will no longer function for users if opened following its deprecation in August. Users can download and use the new Cornerstone Learn app from both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Users can view and create reviews for learning objects (LOs) within the Cornerstone Mobile® app. The Ratings and Reviews functionality can be enabled and configured from the Course Ratings Preferences page within the system. See Course Ratings Preferences.

To view and create reviews for a LO, you must first search for and select the appropriate LO. See Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - Search for Training.

When the appropriate LO is selected, this opens the LO Details page for the LO. The Ratings and Reviews section is only available on the LO Details page if the following are true:

  • Course ratings are enabled
  • The user is able to view and apply course ratings for the selected LO

On the LO Details page, the Average Review section is displayed. Tap the Ratings tab from the page sub-menu or the show all reviews link in the Average Review section to open the Reviews screen.

If the user has completed the LO, but has not yet reviewed the LO, then the Write Review option is displayed. Tap the Write Review option to write a review for the LO.

After writing the review, tap the checkmark icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Note: Users cannot delete or edit their review from the mobile application.