Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - Search for Training

The Cornerstone Mobile app was removed from the Apple App and Google Play stores on April 30, 2020. The app will be deprecated in August 2020 and will no longer function for users if opened following its deprecation in August. Users can download and use the new Cornerstone Learn app from both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Users can search for all types of training within the Cornerstone Mobile® app. The Search functionality uses the same settings as Global Search within the system.

The ability to search for training within the Cornerstone Mobile® app is automatically enabled if Training search is enabled in Search Preferences. In addition, the search results are displayed based on the Search Preferences within the system. See Search Preferences.

Users can search for training by opening the slide out navigation panel and clicking the Search icon at the top of the menu. This opens the Search page with the People tab selected. The Search icon is only available if Training or People search is enabled in Search Preferences within the system.

If a Training filter is available, tap the Training filter, and then tap the Search field. In the Search field, enter the search terms, and then tap Search. The search results are displayed.

Users can tap a LO to open the Training Details page for the LO. See Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - LO Details Page.