Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - Dashboard

The Cornerstone Mobile app was removed from the Apple App and Google Play stores on April 30, 2020. The app will be deprecated in August 2020 and will no longer function for users if opened following its deprecation in August. Users can download and use the new Cornerstone Learn app from both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Administrators can enable or disable a Dashboard for the mobile application. The Dashboard is a page that displays a Search field and a set of widgets that provide quick access to information and actions. The information displayed on the Dashboard is refreshed each time the user navigates to the page.

The Dashboard is set as the first item within the Main Menu navigation.

The Dashboard is not available in offline mode.


A Search bar is available on the Dashboard page if People or Training Search is enabled for the user. This enables users to search for people or training immediately from the Dashboard.


The following widgets may appear on the Dashboard:

  • Approvals - This widget displays the number of items that need to be approved by the user. This widget appears for users who have permission to approve something, such as offer letters, requisitions, training, or goals. Users can select this widget to open the Approvals page.
  • Featured Training - This widget displays a featured training item. When users tap the training item, the Training Details page opens. From there, users can take actions, such as requesting the training. Note: More than one Featured Training widget may appear on the Dashboard.
  • New Posts - This widget displays the number of posts that have been added to the user's Live Feed since the last time the user viewed the Live Feed via the mobile app. Users can select this widget to open the Activity page.
  • Search Training - This widget enables users to quickly search for training. Selecting this widget opens the Search page with the Training tab selected. This widget appears for users who have permission to search for training.
  • Training Due Soon - This widget displays the number of training items that are due within the next seven days.