Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - Curriculum Overview Page

The Curriculum Overview page displays all of the sections in the curriculum and any items that are not within a section. If a section is completed, then a green check mark appears to the right of the section name.

To access the Curriculum Overview page, from the Transcript, tap the curriculum.

  • To open a section, tap the section bar. This opens the Curriculum Section View page. See Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - View Curriculum Details.
  • Learning objects (LOs) that are enabled for mobile can be launched or marked complete. Note: If the curriculum is configured so that some LOs can only be accessed after another LO is complete, this is enforced within the mobile application.
    • To launch a LO, tap the Launch button.
    • To mark a LO complete, tap the Mark Complete button.
  • LOs that are not enabled for mobile are visible, but only the View Details option is available.
    • To view the details of the LO, tap the View Details button.