Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - Post and View Broadcasts

Users with the appropriate permission can post Broadcast type updates to the Activity feed. Once the broadcast is posted, it can be viewed by users from the Activity tab in the main menu. Broadcasts are posts that are visible to all employees and have the Broadcast Post header above the post.

Note: Learning activity updates are only available if enabled by the administrator in New Connect Preferences.

Post a Broadcast

To post a broadcast, select the Broadcast posting type when setting the visibility of the post. If you have permission to add a website or video link, you can add a link by tapping the Add Link icon .

Once the broadcast is posted, the broadcast displays at the top of the Activity feed. Users can access the link or video if included in the post, as well as like and comment on the post. The post can be deleted by any user with permission to delete posts.

Note: Only one Broadcast type post can display on the Activity feed at any given time. If a user adds a new broadcast, then the existing broadcast is replaced by the new post. If the new broadcast is deleted before the previous broadcast expires, then the previous broadcast displays again at the top of the Activity feed.