Cornerstone Mobile App (Legacy) - Add Training - View Submitted Details

Users with the appropriate permissions can upload a video from their mobile devices and submit the video for approval to the system administrator. After a video is submitted, the user can view the status of their uploaded video.

This functionality is only available for iOS devices.

To view the details of a submitted video, tap the Add Training option from the main menu. This opens the Add Training page. This option is only available to users who have the User Generated Content Video LO permission.

If you have previously added videos, then they are displayed on the Add Training page with the most recently added video displayed first. The video title and status are displayed. The time stamp displays how long ago the video was added. A preview is available for all approved and pending approval videos and can be viewed by tapping the preview image.

To view the Submitted Details for an uploaded video, tap anywhere on the item other than the video preview. This opens the Submitted Details page.

The details that are displayed may vary depending on the status of the training. The following statuses are available:

  • Approved - The training has been approved by the system administrator.
  • Pending Approval - The training has been uploaded, but it has not yet been approved or denied by the system administrator.
  • Declined - The training has been declined and removed by the system administrator.

The following information may be displayed on the Submitted Details page:

  • Preview - If the training is in Approved or Pending Approval status, a preview of the video is displayed at the top of the screen. Tap the preview to view the video.
  • Status - The status of the training is displayed.
  • Stats - If reviews and ratings are enabled for your portal and the training is approved and available within the Course Catalog, then the training's rating is displayed along with the number of ratings.
  • Title - This displays the title that you submitted for the training.
  • Description - This displays the description that you submitted for the training, if applicable.