xAPI Learning Reporter

The xAPI (also known as Tin Can API or Experience API) is the next generation e-learning protocol that enables the recording of a wide range of learning experience, including native mobile applications, team-based e-learning, and more.

An xAPI Learning Reporter widget allows users to record learning experiences that occurred outside of the learning management system (LMS) and send them to their transcript.

The Learning Reporter can operate on the following browsers:

  • IE 11 and Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Access xAPI Learning Reporter

To add the Learning Reporter to their browser and use it to record learning experiences, the user must do the following:

  1. Click the Add Learning Reporter option from the Options drop-down menu on the transcript. This directs the user to the Add Learning Reporter page, where a Learning Reporter button displays.
  2. Click and drag the Learning Reporter button to the bookmarks bar in the browser.
  3. A Learning Reporter widget will be added to the user’s bookmarks bar, featuring the Cornerstone logo. To begin recording a learning experience, such as watching a video, the user can navigate to the video in the browser and then click the Learning Reporter widget saved to their bookmarks bar.

User Authentication

When a user attempts to send data to a portal for the first time, the Learning Reporter widget performs an authentication process .

If the user is not successfully authenticated, an error message appears at the bottom of the Learning Reporter, which reads, “Access Denied.” If the authentication is successful, the user may continue to send learning records to their transcript without further verification.

When the user clicks SEND, a new window is display requesting the user to log in the portal. If an SSO integration is configured, the user doesn’t need to log into the system and this page is not displayed.

  • Note: If needed, you can view the Learning Reporter version number by clicking the area immediately to the right of the text that reads, "Learning Reporter" at the top of the Learning Reporter widget and drag your cursor over the white space to reveal the version number in white font.

When the user authenticated successfully, a Consent screen is displayed, enabling the user to authorize the Learning Report widget to send data to the portal. This process occurs only once so the user does not need to be authenticated each time they submit a learning record, (unless the authentication code expires before the user is successfully authenticated). The Consent screen contains the portal’s logo and colors.

The user can ALLOW or DENY the Learning Reporter widget.

  • Clicking ALLOW will authorize the Learning Record widget to send the data to the portal.
  • Clicking DENY will cancel the request and no data will be recorded.

Learning Reporter Options

After a user clicks the Learning Reporter widget saved to their bookmarks bar, the Learning Reporter pop-up window appears. The Learning Recorder provides the user with information and options for recording their learning experience.

  • Header - The header displays the Cornerstone logo, Learning Reporter heading, and an Exit icon. The user can click the Exit icon to close the Learning Reporter.
  • Title - In the title area, text saying, “Add learning experiences to your transcript” displays.
  • Select Type - In this section, the user clicks the icon for the type of learning experience they want to report. Options include: Article, Website, Video, and Meeting. No type is selected by default.
  • Rate Training - In this section, the user can select a star rating for the training they are reporting as a learning experience. Training can be rated up to five stars. No star rating is selected by default for the user. The Rating option is not mandatory and the user can send the record of the learning experience without rating it. Note: For this version, the Rating data is only available on the back-end and is not visible on the transcript.

  • Cancel - Clicking this button resets the Learning Reporter widget. This button is disabled by default unless the user selects a training type.
  • Send - To record a learning experience and send it to the learning record store (LRS), click this button. This button is disabled by default unless the user selects a training type.

Learning Reporter Error

If pop-ups are blocked on the user’s device, an error message displays when the Learning Reporter is launched. The error displays the following information:

  • Title - The top of the error message says, “Learning Reporter Cannot Open.”
  • Message - The body of the error message says, “Your pop-up blocker is preventing you from proceeding to the Learning Reporter. To continue, please disable your pop-up blocker for this widget.”
  • Close - Click the Close button to exit out of the error.

Send Learning Record Data

When a user is ready to record a learning experience, they select the appropriate options in the Learning Reporter and click the Send button. If the information is successfully sent to the portal, a green message that reads, “Information Sent” appears in the bottom of the widget.

If an error occurs while attempting to send data, a red message that reads, “Error Occurred. Try Again” appears in the bottom of the widget.

Right to Left Language Orientation

When the Learning Reporter widget is viewed in a language that is read from right to left, the widget features are aligned to the right of the widget:

Left to Right Language Orientation

When the Learning Reporter widget is viewed in a language that is read from left to right, the widget features are aligned to the left of the widget:

Launch Learning Record

When the user accesses the completed section of the learning transcript, previously recorded xAPI learning records display with a Launch button. Clicking the Launch button opens the xAPI learning record in a pop-up window, allowing the user to view the resource again. The user can also launch the learning record by clicking the Launch option in the Options drop-down menu for the learning record.