Training Plan - Add Subject/Topic

The Select Subject/Topic pop-up enables training plan contributors and training plan managers to search for and select a subject or topic to add to a training plan. The contributor can search for a subject or topic by title.

To add a subject to a training plan, click the Add Subject/Topic option from the Add Training drop-down menu on the Training Plan Contributor page. This opens the Select Subject/Topic pop-up.

Subject/Topic - Search

To search for a subject/topic, use the following search field to select the appropriate criteria. Then, click the Search button.

  • Title - Enter text to search for a subject/topic by title. Any subjects/topics with a title that partially or exactly matches the entered text are displayed.

Alternatively, contributors can browse for a subject/topic using the hierarchy. If a subject/topic has at least one child, an expand icon appears to the left of the title. Click the expand icon to view the child subjects/topics.

Subject/Topic - Add

To add a subject/topic to a training plan, click the title.