Shopping Cart - Add to Cart

If the shopping cart is enabled, users may be able to add learning objects (LOs) to their shopping cart. From the shopping cart, users are able to purchase the LOs.

Users can only add an LO to their shopping cart if the following is true:

  • The Shopping Cart functionality is enabled by the administrator in Shopping Cart Preferences.
  • The LO has a cost associated with it.
  • The user is responsible for paying for the LO (i.e., the user's cost center does not pay 100% of the LO cost).

Add Training to Cart

  1. Search and find training. See Search for Training.
  2. Click Add to Cart button.

  1. If you are purchasing the training for yourself, select Myself and click Submit if training is for yourself. Otherwise, if you are purchasing the training as inventory to assign to other users, select the Others: Pre-Purchase option and enter the quantity you are purchasing. The quantity can be adjusted on the Shopping Cart page. You can continue shopping and can add more learning objects to the shopping cart. The shopping cart is saved and does not expire. Note: If you have already added the LO to your shopping cart for yourself, then the Myself option is disabled.

Pre-Purchase LOs

The following LO types cannot be pre-purchased:

  • Posting
  • Event/Session - These LOs cannot be stored in inventory without user assignment.
  • Library


If training has recurrence, after selecting Add to Cart, for a training item the user previously completed, you will be able to select Myself again.


  • Course A = Course B. You have completed Course A, and would like course B to appear on your transcript. Course B cost 10 dollars. Course B will be completed based on equivalency and as a result you will bypass the shopping cart when requesting course B. The Button will display Request in that case. Course B will appear on your transcript as completed equivalent and is NOT launch-able. If you want to take Course B, you will need to search for Course B a second time and in that case the Add to cart Button will appear and you will be able to purchase it.