Training Details - Audit History Stamps

The following statuses and actions are tracked in the Audit History for the Transcript Details page:

  • Requested
  • Exception Requested
  • Assigned
  • Requested Waitlist
  • Canceled
  • Expired
  • Denied
  • Deferred
  • Approved
  • Registered
  • Started
  • Completed
  • Granted
  • Granted Waitlist
  • Withdrawn
  • Discontinued
  • Marked Incomplete
  • Reset Attempts
  • Failed
  • Edited
  • Score Updated
  • Removed
  • Removed from Transcript
  • Restored to Transcript
  • Archived
  • Unarchived
  • Rolled Back
  • Due Date Edited

The Electronic Signature history stamp is included in the Audit History, if applicable. When a user submits an electronic signature, a history stamp appears, detailing the signer's full name, user ID, signature date and time, and any signature message that is associated with the signature. Please note that the signature message on transcript history is limited to 250 characters. If the signature message exceeds 250 characters, the message will be truncated within the transcript history section.

All history stamps in the transcript include the user ID following the user's name (i.e., "<Last Name, First Name><User ID>").